The Beginning of a Beautiful Summer

The past few weeks have been absolutely hectic. I finished my finals on Monday the 11th, and flew out the following morning to see my older sister graduate from the University of Toronto. I’ve had a little over a week to catch on some much-needed rest and to eat some delicious home-cooked meals by my mom. But, as much as I love hanging out with my family in Toronto, I miss Philly. Just like I miss Philly when I go to Singapore for winter break, just like I miss Philly when I go up to Manhattan for a few nights to visit my friends from high school. I really didn’t think it would happen, but over the past three years, Philly has truly become my home. And I am so excited to spend my the summer in the City of Brotherly Love this year! Over the past week, I’ve had time to relax but I’ve also had time to plan some adventures for the next three months. Here is a sneak peek of my summer bucket list! It is still a work in progress, I am 100% sure that I will be adding many more things to this list as the season goes by.

Joycelin’s Philly Summer Bucket List

I am also really looking forward to spending 4th of July in Philly! Last summer I was fortunate enough to spend most of Independence Day here, but I had to catch my bus back to NYC that night and missed the concert on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This year I am going to try to experience everything I can. I’m extremely determined. Please don’t try to stop me.

I’m also bringing back my family’s Canon EOS 400D with me. I want to improve my photography skills and I think all these wonderful sights and events will provide me many, many opportunities to do so.

I know I’ve said it before, but I am so, so, so excited for my first Philly summer! So much to do…hopefully I’ll have enough time for it all.

If that’s a challenge, bring it on.


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