Hiatus: Over

It’s been a while! Almost a year, to be exact. I started this blog because it was a homework assignment for my Electronic Publishing class, and as soon as the quarter ended, so did my biweekly posts about food trucks in University City. Since June, food trucks have been popping up everywhere. Even though I’ve been meaning to write about them, I just could not find the motivation to. 

Anyway, I decided this week that I’m going to bring this blog back. I may not be as diligent in my posting, but I will definitely try my best! I have been on so many adventures this year (both food-related and not!), and I think it’s time I started documenting all the fun things I have been doing in addition to all the delicious things I have been eating! I’ve also been cooking a lot more recently, so maybe I will talk about that (depending on how successful my kitchen experiments are). Basically, I am going to start blogging again. But not just about food trucks. I’ll try to talk a little bit about everything. 

Stay tuned!


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