Tyson Bees: What’s the Buzz?

If there is one food truck that I frequent the most, it would probably be Tyson Bees on 33rd and Spruce. This colorful truck hasn’t been open for long but has already become one of the most widely acclaimed trucks in the area, winning Appetizer of the Year at Philly Cookout 2010 with its popular steamed pork buns.

Tyson Bees

The Experience
I always enjoy my visits to Tyson Bees. Even though they’re serving a big crowd for dinner (which is when I usually go) , I still get my food in five to fifteen minutes. They have a really efficient way of  differentiating orders — playing cards. They’ll give you a card when you order and pay (I got the two of spades) and when your food is ready they’ll call out the card. So much easier than them shouting “pork bun!” and having twelve people running up to the counter. This time, I was the only customer. It was around 5:30PM so it might have been a little early for dinner. The staff are super friendly, and I got my food in probably three minutes.

The Food
I got the 1 Taco + 1 Pork Bun + 1 Thai Tea or Iced Coffee combo ($8), with the Korean BBQ Short Rib Beef Taco and Thai Tea. I should tell you that whenever I go to any dining establishment (whether it’s a truck or restaurant) more than once, I always try to get something different. But with Tyson Bees, I always get the pork bun. Every single time. It’s essential to the Tyson Bees experience, in my opinion. anyway, the pork bun didn’t disappoint as usual. A chunky piece of slow-cooked pork belly with cucumber, cilantro and sweet-and-salty hoisin sauce over a soft doughy bun–so simple, but so good. The Taco wasn’t bad, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. The beef is cooked perfectly and tastes great with the sliced radish, red cabbage and spicy sauce. It also came with a wedge of lime which gave it a little kick. Even though it still tasted great, it’s not the best thing I’ve eaten from Tyson Bees.

Korean BBQ Short Rib Taco and Steamed Pork Bun

I’ve had Thai Iced Tea probably at least three times this week. But I’ve learned this year that if I consume any coffee after 3PM, I get dizzy and my hands start shaking a little. So I went with the Thai Tea. It’s similar to that of Cucina Zapata’s, but it’s less creamy and has less ice. I like CZ’s creaminess, but I like how TB’s isn’t so diluted with ice.

Thai Iced Tea

Final Thoughts
I love Tyson Bees.  It’s very difficult for me to say anything bad about it. The service is friendly and fast, and although the food may cost a little more than other food truck options, the quality is just incomparable.


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