Pyramid Pizza: Not Just Pizza!

I have been to Pyramid Pizza (behind the Main Building) several times prior to this visit, but the only thing that I have ever gotten is the famed Jimmy’s Sister sandwich. Earlier last week as I was waiting for my sandwich (ironic, considering the name of this blog), I checked out the rest of the extensive menu. Pyramid has a lot of options, from calzones to falafel and seafood dishes. But one section caught my eye: the Indian Platter Specials. Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines, so I made sure to come back next time to give it a try.

Pyramid Pizza

The Experience
I went after class around 1PM. There were two guys working at the truck, and they were both very quick to take my order. I went with the Makhani Chicken Platter ($5.50), since that is an Indian dish I was familiar with–it’s what I get every time at my favorite Indian restaurant back home! The wait was decent–it was short enough to stand outside waiting in the heat without getting impatient, but long enough for me to know that they were making it to order.

The Food
Makhani Chicken, also known as butter chicken, is a fragrant, flavorful dish. It tastes great over rice or with naan, but I would have to say that the sauce is the highlight. Pyramid’s Makhani Chicken Platter came with rice, salad and yogurt sauce. When I first opened the box, I was a little taken aback. It definitely did not look like the butter chicken I was used to. But I shrugged it off and dug in anyway. And it didn’t really taste like what I was used to either–but it was still good. Just different. It was spicier than expected, and I had stupidly forgotten to get a drink so the salad and cool yogurt sauce was much appreciated. By itself, the salad was nothing spectacular. But with the yogurt…that’s a completely different story. I almost wished there was more salad for the yogurt. It was just that good.

Chicken Makhani Platter

Final Thoughts
Overall, the Makhani Chicken Platter was good, despite being a little different from my expectations. For $5.50 it is a little pricey, but the quality and quantity is definitely there. It’s a great place to grab lunch in between classes. So even though the food costs a tiny bit more than I would spend on a regular basis, I would absolutely go back and try another Indian dish!


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