Bento Box: Authentic Japanese Food

Hidden next to the David Pottruck Health & Fitness Center on Walnut between 37th and 38th are a few food trucks that have often gone unnoticed. I’ve walked down Walnut Street countless numbers of times, but I had no idea that I was passing by this small group of trucks. Last week I wanted Japanese food, so I figured I’d look on for a food truck that could satisfy my craving. And so I found Bento Box.

Bento Box

The Experience
I went at lunch hour around 12:30PM. Although there weren’t a lot of people out getting food, Bento Box had the most customers out of the 4-5 food trucks next to Pottruck.  The truck had a small window, and although I could barely see anything on the inside, I’m pretty sure there was only one person there. I had to wait awhile for the owner to pop up at the window with someone else’s food before I could order. I wanted the Chicken Yakiudon–but they were out. So I settled for the Chicken Teriyaki ($5). Can’t really go wrong with that.

The Food
The Chicken Teriyaki was served over a bed of rice and came with a small Japanese-style salad as well as three cucumber maki sushi rolls. While there wasn’t anything special about the salad and the sushi, I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken. The only chicken teriyaki I’ve had in Philly has come either from a food truck or a food court, so I honestly wasn’t expecting much. But this was probably the most authentic-tasting I’ve had. It was also a lot less greasy than any your typical food truck meal. However, for $5, I would’ve liked a little more chicken.

Chicken Teriyaki

Final Thoughts
Bento Box was definitely a great find, especially for an area like UCity where there isn’t a lot of Japanese options (except for Pod, which is definitely not friendly to a college student’s budget!). There is a lot to choose from, such as tempura, hibachi and katsu dishes. They also have a lot of sushi options, but I haven’t quite decided how I feel about eating sushi from a truck. The wait time wasn’t too bad at all, and the portion was decently sized. I personally don’t think it’s worth the $5, but the quality and authenticity of the food definitely made up for it.


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